A gift To Suit Any Personality

Posted by Jenny Day on 19th Jan 2018

Here at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts and Cheese and Pickles , The Personalised Gift Store now have something that will meet the needs of many kids in Australia as I am quite sure being full of energy it would suit them down to the ground.With the combination of wonderful designers like ours here at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts and energetic kids pretty much like yours, these amazing animals would fit nicely and be right at...
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Be Happy Be Bright Be You

Posted by Jenny Day on 11th Jan 2018

Spoil your little one at Easter or anytime with one of these adorable young ladies, they are sure to brighten any little girl's day.And why not give them something that will make them feel special too.Just theirs so they too can be happy and bright.With their gorgeous appealing faces, wide bright eyes and happy smiling faces they are sure to please.Quickly Personalised with the child's name on the front of the dress which they can give...
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​Our first Sale for the New Year !!!

Posted by Jenny Day on 30th Dec 2017

Our first Sale for the New Year !!!That's right they are here, at Personalised Teddy Bears &Gifts, we have a multitude of friendly forest animals for all to see.These animals are as cute as a button with their big friendly grins that never disappear and cuddly as a cushion. Just like your pillow, only better!Your little one will know that the animal is theirs simply by their name being embroidered on the belly in a wonderful design and color...
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One Main Benefits of Why We Need to Stress Less

Posted by Jenny Day on 14th Dec 2017

Wow, it's been busy hasn't it?Rushing here, rushing there, going to work and holding your head high then coming home kids so happy to see you and you so happy to see them. All you can think of is getting the dinner on and having it ready for when the hubbie comes home from work.After all the running around things just seem to catch up with us, like the housework, dinner time, kids needing feeds and possibly more.Then at sometime, somewh...
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What To Do With The Kids Over Christmas

Posted by Jenny Day on 11th Dec 2017

Well summer is with us and it’s hot and soon the kids will be playing on the beach or in backyards in all their glory.Just imagine what Christmas was like when we were kids growing up in Australia?Fun, games and plenty of free time for play and sunshine.That type of thing is not heard much of these days, it's opening pressies, thanking everyone for beautiful gifts and then the kids retire to their technical devices. What a shame, if only th...
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