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Yes, it's that time again Wash days for Teddy Bears

Posted by Jenny Day on 12th Nov 2017

Yes, it’s that time again.

The dreaded day of taking that much loved Teddy Bear or security blanket to quickly chuck in the washing machine.

Quickly, quickly go grab him and run those nasty dirty little creatures, and we all know that happens, will never know 

what has hit them and their sweet gorgeous owners won't realize there gone.

You know what to do next, plan out how all this snatching and grabbing, then chucking in the washing machine is

going to be done!

After days and nights of being loved, hugged, talked too and made to play tea parties with these forever friends tend 

to become dirt magnets, so isn't it time they were made to be clean, disinfected and dried out in the sun, even if it 

just to have some fresh air on them while hanging on the line?

Oh, wait a minute, there's no need for that.

Of course, our children put let us know each week when it is time to wash their Forever Friend and toys, we don't 

have to worry and plan at all.

Then again  bribery works well to get Teddy out of the room , we all know it has to be done.

For my kids growing up, my rule of thumb was always  “keep it tidy and keep it clean”

That way I knew if it was clean it was safe, for baby and kids.

I have been looking around ways that this can be done quickly and best for Teddy and you.

We do recommend that a gentle wash or even hand wash the teddy then good rinse and hang on the line in the shade.

But I have also came across something that might be of interest to you and of course some help.  

Wash Bags for Teddy Bears on eBay.


Maybe giving you piece of mind knowing that your child's prize possession is safe and contained while getting clean.

I just love the idea of using the smaller ones for the Teddy Bear clothes or acessories.

I am sure there are other ways out there that this process can be done effectively and I am sure you have your way of doing this but this is just one suggestion I came across for you.

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Keep Smiling

Jenny Day xx

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