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Valentines Day - Giving From The Heart

Posted by Jennifer Day on 28th Dec 2018

Valentines Day - Giving From The Heart Boy and girl frogs with hearts

There is one occasion, February 14th, where people are given the opportunity to celebrate their love toward each other with an exchange of gifts.

This happens to be the time when all the stores cover their windows with hearts and flowers and the online stores spread hearts and flowers with messages of love all over their pages.
Looking oh so pretty and delicate.
Just like the many people around, everyone is starting to dig for that very special keepsake that will be remembered always from that momentous day, Valentines Day.
You can find many keepsake gifts that you can add your touch to  at

Valentines Day - Giving From The Heart

Valentines Day gifts are very special not only to find but to receive on that special day of the year.
Did you know that the act of giving flowers as a Valentines Day Gift started back in the 17th century but not all flowers were used for Valentines Day just Red Roses as they were the favourite flower of Venus, the goddess of Love.
Chocolates are another tradition but if you are not able to have chocolates we can help with many options instead

Chocolates are also given at this time as they are considered one of the ideal Valentines day Gifts as well.

The sentiment is to make people happy as well as add some hormone happiness. Obviously there are some who can't eat chocolate so that's when a non- chocolate gift comes to the forefront. Especially a Personalised Gift 

When you think back we all had fun giving out Valentines Day cards to unexpected little friends which allowed us to make new friends. It was fun!

But did you know that it all started when the Duke of Orleans wrote a poem for his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London on Valentines Day. How romantic xx

But you don't have to stick to tradition, no don't stop there why not make up your own tradition and be unique. Just enjoy the day together. 

As you can see from the graphic above we are able to cater for many occasions and we do have these listed on our website, so feel free to browse at anytime.

If you can't see what your looking for, then feel free to ask, we are here to help.

Keep Smiling

Jenny xx

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