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To Wash or To Steam

Posted by Jennifer Day on 27th Feb 2019

Teddy Bear hanging from the clothes line

Yes, it’s that time again.

The dreaded day of taking that much loved Teddy Bear or security blanket to quickly chuck in the washing machine.

Go grab him and run those nasty dirty little creatures, and we all know that happens, through the washing machine.

But is that what you really want to do or is there another alternative to washing.

Maybe, there is!

What about Steam Cleaning those little rascals toys? With all the advertisements on television showing us how great these steam cleaners are for our homes then why not use them on on our children's most precious keepsakes. The Personalised Teddy Bear or those brightly coloured toys.

After days and nights of being loved, hugged, talked too and made to play tea parties with these forever friends tend

to become dirt magnets, so isn't it time they were made to be clean, disinfected and dried out in the sun, even if it

just to have some fresh air on them while hanging on the line?

Steam cleaning toys for baby

Our children will more than likely let us know each week when it is time to wash their Forever Friend and toys, we don't have to worry and plan at all.

For my kids growing up, my rule of thumb was always “keep it tidy and keep it clean”

That way I knew if it was clean it was safe, for baby and kids.

I have been looking around ways that this can be done quickly and best for Teddy and you.

We do recommend that a gentle wash or even hand wash if you decide to go that route of washing your Teddy Bear  then give a good rinse and hang on the line in the shade without delay.

lately I have been starting to make my house super clean with the H2O Steam Cleaner and it is starting to smell fabulous and more comfortable plus airy.

Just knowing that your making things right and bright for your family is one big stress relief even though you have spent days to make your house that way.

One thing that gives you that amazing high, and you definitely need to try it out, that it to declutter.

Now I know that sounds boring and the most yucky thing you could think of but believe me, just by decluttering a room at a time it will give you the most biggest sense of accomplishment you have had.

Mopping the floor for a different way to clean

When you blink and realise that a few rooms are clean and finished, you will feel a big smile on your face. And that means you are doing something right.

Keep that smile going

Jenny Day

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