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The Small things that trigger Memories

Posted by Jennifer Day on 5th Apr 2019

It's cold day's like this that make us start to remember those things from younger days. That filled our hearts with joy and warmed our bodies from the inside out.

Two berry pies with a warm pot of tea just the thing to invoke those memories of past

Joyfully playing outside and enjoying life, having no worries but what to do next was a great joy.

Just looking at this picture takes me back to many,many,many years ago when my Mother would make a beautiful Mulberry Pie that could be smelled from all the way down the back yard as it was cooking.

Placed in the middle of the table after baking, the gorgeous aroma could be smelled by the whole street so everyone knew what was for dessert that night.

Beside it would be placed a ceramic jug of fresh cream and everyone would receive a bowl of ice-cream to go with it as well.

I am sure you all had a favourite food as a child? Or better yet, you get to have it still.

Before dessert we would have this beautiful roast Pork dinner (I accomplished that before my medical condition set in, thank goodness) the big typical roast with veges and gravy.

Beautiful hot roast Pork with crackling and roasted vegetables

These days,it would be the slightest smell, touch and feel that can take us back to our childhood years to a place where we had no worries and were carefree. Such beautiful memories.

What are the memories of your childhood that you remember and would like to pass on? It does give us something to think about.

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Few adults can remember anything that happened to them before the age of 3. Now, a new study has documented that it's about age 7 when our earliest memories begin to fade, a phenomenon known as “childhood amnesia.” ... Sigmund Freud coined the term “childhood amnesia” to describe this loss of memory from the infant years. This is common.

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