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Start Of A New School Year

Posted by Jenny Day on 26th Jan 2017

Back To School Time

Have you set the clocks to go off the day before school starts so you can rejoice yet?

No, only kidding, there is quite a bit of planning and scheduling that goes into getting our most treasured possessions back to school with pride.

These small little nuggets of ours are a treasured commodity, similar to gold if not more precious, we do have to look after our future generations and dressing them the right way is only the start.

I would say the first thing to consider would be the fees. And that's just the start.

The uniform, oh my gosh, "please mum, make sure I am dressed properly"! Sound familiar?

My daughters are going through this at the moment with their daughters and son. Yes I did say Son.He is a pretty particular dresser when it comes to his school wear.

How about the shoes (& socks)? The cost is just soaring through the roof and on top of all the other expenses it is just way too much. 

And the latest fad that I have heard of  is the lunch box, drink bottle, backpack and pencil case have to have the same theme. I have trouble with my Instagram account. I would like to know where that fad come from. Arrrrgh!!!!

Don't forget about the wonderful morning we all have to put on our best smiles and grab our best manners as we walk out the door, cause we just know that we are going to have to meet and greet the new teachers that our children are going to have for the year. All fun mum. Gives you a tingle just to think about it, doesn't it!

Then the lists start coming home when school starts back, with books, pens, erasers, rulers all that kind of thing.

Wow what a rush of adrenaline for mums and dads. Good Luck to all the parents out there from Personalised teddy Bears & Gifts.

Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts Have School Items

To make your child's trip on going back to school a bit easier and also on your pocket we have a Backpack in pink or blue and pencil cases in red or blue or black. 

These can have your child's name or a picture heat pressed onto either one, your choice ( their choice).

Backpacks are $27.00 and pencil cases are $15.00 plus postage. This price includes the heat pressing as well.


And if your child definitely has to have a matching set then check what we have here at with bags that roll, swim bags, hats and more.

Easter Is Coming.

Feel free to enjoy the Easter range we have just added to the website. It won't be long before another holiday is with us. Our range of personalised Easter Bunnies look all so cute and cuddly. We will be adding to the range 

The Easter Bunny is Coming  Eater Bunny on it way  Easter is Our Favourite Time of Year  Harlequin Blue Bunny for Boys

Australian made and tested and passed the Australian Safety Standard for toys 3+ Age. There are many other styles on the web site. Take a look at the Easter Bunnies we have available.

And are slightly bigger than usual our Teddy Bears (will have to measure them when they arrive) but there is a picture below

Gorgeous or what!!!

Missed My Last Blog, Never Mind!

In case you missed the last blog I better give you the link so you can pop on over and give it a quick read enjoy that one and any others you wish to read through while your there.

Now that I think I have covered most of what I needed to inform you about I will leave you with this passing thought 

"Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE"

Keep Smiling

Jenny Day