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Optimising The Ability Of The Heart

Posted by Jenny Day on 31st Jul 2017

Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts would like to introduce our BRAND NEW concept of Add a recordable heart to your Teddy Bear “Messages From the Heart Teddy Bears”.

This Brand New concept has come about so that our Teddy Bears would be helpful at times when families that are going through the trying time of separation from their loved ones, or maybe just need an extra friend to have when times feel a bit rough. They can also add a tender message to a cute nap time friend so that if the need arises, a big hug will make the teddy respond with a calming message.

Family members far from home, relatives who live a distance away or maybe someone is in hospital and your treasured one is just a bit concerned, are just going to love these “Messages From the Heart Teddy Bears”.

After all, we all need that bit of comfort now and then!

After organizing beautiful messages for your gift to be embroidered on your choice of Personalised Teddy Bear just imagine how much more excitement is going to be created when that message can be heard by your recipient.

Let your message come to life by letting your gift speak your message .

There's nothing more personal at gift giving time, than having and hearing the message that was meant with "love".

We have cute red hearts ♥️ that can record your message or even record your baby's heart beat at the next ultrasound visit.

This can then be placed inside the Personalised Teddy Bear for when baby needs that extra bit of comfort. Our Angel Teddy Bears are the perfect Teddies for the heart as they have a hidden pouch to place the heart inside.

With a wonderful message placed onto these cute red hearts, then the heart is placed inside any of our gorgeous Teddy Bears. When the child squeezes the Teddy Bear, the heart is activated and the message is played back.

Whether the "message" is the same as what is embroidered on the Personalised Teddy Bear's belly or different we all know it comes from the heart with love.

And don't stress, if you think you need to redo the recording, no problem, easily done just record over what you have already done.

These cute red hearts can be placed inside all our Teddy Bears when required or left inside for a sweet surprise for gift giving time.

We wanted to bring you something family orientated, with feeling and understanding. After all we are a family orientated business for you.

Watch the video below to help with instructions which will be shipped with the heart.

There are many uses for this cute tiny heart so why not create a few of your own and try them out and have fun.

Keep Smiling

Jenny Day xx

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