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One Main Benefit of Why We Need to Stress Less

Posted by Jenny Day on 14th Dec 2017

Wow, it's been busy hasn't it?

Rushing here, rushing there, going to work and holding your head high then coming home kids so happy to see you 

and you so happy to see them. 

All you can think of is getting the dinner on and having it ready for when the hubbie comes home from work.

After all the running around things just seem to catch up with us, like the housework, dinner time, kids needing feeds

and possibly more.

Then at sometime, somewhere those gifts that were secretly bought have to be wrapped. Oh my, what a dilemma!

Then one thing has to be taken into consideration, what if you aren't able to do the things you do, how would the

household run?

So it is not reasonable to ask for just one hour a week for yourself. I don't think so! Now if that time is spent for you 

to go to the gym. or indulge in a bubble bath, then just go and do it girl. You deserve it.

Stress as I understand it can begin from almost anything. From mothers right up to the top businessmen so learning 

to notice the onset early and combat it with early techniques can reduce the amount of stress in your everyday life which would be vital for maintaining your overall health.

When you let your stress get the best of you, you put yourself at risk of developing a range of illnesses. Stress has 

such a powerful impact on your well being and lifestyle.

It not only interrupts your life but the people around you as well. Family, friends etc.

There is something that you do everyday that could help relieve your stress, and that's that magical shower.

Every time you hop in the shower just imagine the bad events of the day , just washing away down that drain. Concentrate on your breathing and how good it feels washing away your negative day.

 For a bit of extra fun imagine the person that gave you the worst amount of stress, getting sucked down the drain with the water. Hehehe!!

There is no better way to give yourself and your family that unique gift of the "real" you. The Happy You.

It's now time to to GET YOUR HAPPY ON and give yourself permission to be be happy..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, happiness comes from the inside. Sometimes happiness comes easy for some 

people and sometimes not so much for others.

It’s easy to feel happy when life goes your way but what about when things aren’t they way you want them to be. Are 

you waiting for life to be good so that you can be happy? Just stop that right now! Stop waiting for happiness and 

make a choice to be happy today.

Happiness is a daily practice. Sometimes happiness is even a little work, but like most things the more we do them, 

the easier they become.

I became happier in life by choosing happiness each day, and every time I made that choice I found happiness came 

easier to me- I felt happier without even thinking about it!

What does it mean to choose happiness, really?

It starts with letting happiness in. Letting in all the positive thoughts and I know that sounds all gobbledygook to some 

of  you. But believe me it works.

Are you open to the small moments of joy around you? Do you make a mental note of the many beautiful, inspiring, 

and amazing things you encounter every day? I encourage you to open your senses to the good things in your world. 

What do you see, touch, smell, hear? What do you feel? Make note of all the little things that you enjoy. You start by 

choosing to be happy.

The one thing that does brighten my days is when my granddaughter's greet me with one of their beautiful, delightful 


“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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Keep Smiling

Jenny xx

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