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My Family Of Six

Posted by Bec Croft Guest Blogger on 4th Aug 2017

We have our first guest blogger, and am I proud!

Bec Croft

She is already up to number 2 blog.

Yes it is my daughter, and it is her first blog, but grab a cuppa, sit back and have one fun read.

I did and had the most fun ever. Realizing that now my children are doing what I did when they were small.


Hi! I have been asked to write a blog post about being a mum to my four kids. Their ages are 10, 7, 2 and 6 months.

To be honest, I kept putting it off. I kept thinking, “How would everyone react to my interpretation of motherhood?”

We live in a society today where negative comments are thrown around at the drop of a hat, hidden behind keyboard warriors or rolled eyes at the supermarkets. We find it difficult to praise and uplift, not just mothers/fathers, but women and men in general.

I am a stay at home. This was my choice. I had a fantastic career that would have seen me well into retirement but I chose to be with my children. Am I a perfect mum? Hell no! I yell. I get cranky. I am tired. I cry. There are days when I get it right. I get all kids to school on time, clean the house during the day, and collect kids and head to a park, home to homework, dinner, showers and bed. 

Then there are days when the kids decide they do not want to get dressed or pack their bags, which makes us run late. The day’s chores are pushed back as the rough night before sees me craving 8 coffees before sunrise. I just make it to school pick up to collect kids. Homework is done under protest. Yelling ensues and by dinnertime, I am done! The decision for takeaway is made, (yes my children eat McDonalds), eaten then kids are put in bed. Showers? They can wait until tomorrow! It has not been the best day but we have made it to bed! Tomorrow is another day.

Let me tell you though, I am the silliest person. I laugh at my own jokes. I can recite Simpson quotes and Footrot Flats lines better than I could my schoolwork. I love mucking around with the kids. Be it outside play, tickling competitions, water fights – we have a lot of fun. I always say that my kids keep me young. My 2 year old is learning to speak and that in itself is crazy. He has learnt “Sit” and tells his sister and brother this at dinner time although it definitely sounds very different sometimes J My 6 month old is learning the world of face grabs, hair pulls and high pitched squeals J

I find myself constantly saying quotes I would have never before heard myself saying. For example, “Get away from the bin” “Don’t put that in your mouth” “Put down the dog poo!” “Sasha is a dog not a horse” “Why is your sister’s sock in your mouth?” “I don’t know who created the roads” “No I don’t know if India has pigeons” I also find out interesting facts about dinosaurs at 9pm at night when my 7 year old is trying to stay awake and has come out of bed for the 965473852 time.

I love the fact that I am able to get to the kids school performances, after school activities and weekend parties. My husband works full time in retail so weekend work is a given. I know he misses the kids and wishes he could spend more time with them. I see that the housework is completed most days so he can. (My "OCD" helps with this. I feel my anxiety start to increase if it is not completed). Our life is chaotic so holidays away are necessary. The need to unwind, relax and just be calm. 

Having family, that live interstate makes this easy for us. We do not have a lot of money so we save where we can and are frugal with our spending. Staying with family cuts back many expenses. We usually have a great time away but there are times when one of the kids will become sick, for instance, and the holiday becomes a bit stressful and cut short. However, we just roll with it!

Having a big family, that is what we do. We take each day as it comes. I love being a mum and would not change it for the world. I adore my children and love to see them grow and reach milestones. I am so proud of the little men and women they are becoming. 

However, do I stress out and yell? Yep! And that’s ok. 

Do I cry? Yep! And that’s ok! 

Are you a working mum? Yes? That’s ok! 

Are you a stay at home mum or dad? Yes? That’s ok! 

Do you get up at the crack of dawn, workout and eat a balanced, healthy diet? NO? Me either! J and that’s ok!! 

Do you have bad days? Yes? That is ok! 

We are on this crazy ride together!

As a mum, I want my children to learn compassion and empathy. A friendly smile to the mum/dad that has a 3 year old throwing a tantrum at Kmart. I have been there! An offer of a hand to the mum/dad struggling with a pram, 2 babies and a trolley full of shopping. I have been there!

After an early morning start thanks to full boobies after the baby slept all night, (Fist pump right there!) I am now off to start the day. Lunches are done and bags are packed. So far so good! Dinner is out defrosting in the fridge. Another tick! Maybe tonight the kids will get showers before bed. Yeah!!

This is every mum's life, though we wouldn't admit it.

If you have enjoyed reading it or it has touched you in some way, (I had a giggle at some things) then feel free to leave a comment below and hopefully we can get this woman back for more guest blogging.

You can pop on over to and read some more family fun too.

Keep Smiling

Jenny xx

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