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Laughter Is The Best Medicine, But Love Isn't Far Behind

Posted by Jenny Day on 10th Feb 2017

Romance and love is in in Air.

If you would like to let the most beautiful person in the world know how much they mean to you, then why not give them something that lasts forever.

Not just for that one day 14th February, but for always.

If you have a very special saying that you would like to put on any of our gift items then I am sure we can accommodate you fully. We are just one click away from you giving the most treasured gift and pure happiness.

You can still have the most beautiful sayings from the heart on any of our Teddy Bears. Which make it colorful, bright, cherry and unforgettable.

Starting off with our range of Personalised rainbow Bears, these are designed by an Australian woman and of course we are now Personalizing them for you right here in Australia at Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts.

Then we add your message or design.

We at Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts will do our best to make your Valentine's Day design for your sweetheart,whether it be funny or sentimental, it will always be one to be remembered.

This message is heartfelt, loving and comes with words from him to her. Front and back and turned out just beautiful 

This one goes overseas.

Having that Romantic Dinner or picnic? Then why not add that bit of  extra touch....

To Create A Wonderful Atmosphere

However you have decided to celebrate your Valentine's Day there are certain symbols that might help create a wonderful atmosphere.

The red Rose is a traditional symbol of love and passion and appears in paintings for hundreds of years.

Sending a "single" Red Rose is understood by the receiver to mean "I Love You".

Even with the hearts on the paper and gift boxes the Red Rose stands alone. 

But in my opinion, the day belongs to the couple at hand.

If you have felt that this blog has been helpful in anyway then please do share with other parents and friends.

Keep Smiling

Jenny Day