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Happy Fathers Day DAD

Posted by Jenny Day on 2nd Sep 2016

Dad's day is here!

With Fathers Day Sunday 4th September,  it is fitting that we let our beloved dad, husband, pop, son and uncle know how much we care for you.

Not only for this day but for all year round. For all the wonderful things you bring to the family without complaint. Your our Superhero Dad.

We especially want to bring notice to the men out there that loving raise wonderful children even though they are not blood relatives, and have adopted children in some way then we congratulate you, Good On You Dads.

Spend this wonderful day with your loved ones, friends and family guys. We wish you The Biggest Fathers Day Ever!

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Keep Smiling Jenny x

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Our  last blog was a  happy update for you and for us, so in case you missed it here is the link for you guys. Ad some of our others too

Have a Wonderful Day DAD!