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Everything In Life I Share Except Of Course My Teddy Bear

Posted by Jenny Day on 12th Dec 2016

I am pretty sure you have heard of those warm cuddly animals by now,you know, those ones that keep your child company throughout the day and at the end of play the ones they don't want to part with but they still want to keep them by their sides so they can snuggle up to them  in their beds.

Well guess what all you mum's and dad's?

They are becoming bigger. Talk about Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts are not sure how many of the Big Cubbies will be arriving at this stage but we have available to us the Big Brown Bear, Big White Unicorn and Big Grey Bunny. These are just so adorable, very eye catching and irresistible. Pretty much like being read a book snuggled under a blanket !!!

And being bigger means a bigger tummy to embroider your birth design, message to your loved onebirthday message or even just a name on them. Now you won't miss lay these beauties! And so to celebrate bringing out these gorgeous Big Range to you we here at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts are going to be giving them some new designs.  

Also being bigger means being hard to put down too,more noticeable and of course it  just has to have that special place to sit at night while the owner sleeps.Just to greet them with a smile every morning upon waking, what a way to have your child start his/her day.

After managing the usual size Cubbies seeing these larger Cubbies are definitely going to be a change for the better. Our usual designs will fit for sure but we think they do deserve a few new designs to go on their big beautiful tummies. As you can see from the picture below it is going to be fun.


These fun loving loving Big additions to the Cubbie range will be added to our website shortly, that's if they last that long.But then again who could resist, we couldn't!

Thank You

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Keep Smiling Jenny x