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Ever put Much Thought into the Wrapping of Gifts?

Posted by Jennifer Day on 29th Oct 2018

Gifts wrapping for christmas is fun

Wrapping those gifts that we have spent possibly all year collecting and sorting for family and friends gives us great pleasure and builds up our self esteem to great heights. But naturally a bit of stress is involved but if we can cut that down it makes it a much more pleasurable experience.

When it comes to this time of year all of us can become exhausted and overworked but we still like to make the small things count.

And that indeeds goes for wrapping those special gifts at Birthdays, Anniversaries and yes Christmas.

You have spent time and money on getting just the right gift, now we would like to present it in a decorative way that shows how much we care.

A lot of thought  has gone into your gift giving and you want to make it right!!

Some of us prefer the themed look and others prefer the mixed coloured look while some prefer to stick with the traditional colours. I would actually go for the cheapest and best looking.

What happen's if the paper is a bit short? Oh no I have run out of gift bags but I have paper?

If you have tape, paper, ribbon (optional) you are going to be fine

With all the different coloured paper, ties and ribbon it all becomes overwhelming, but maybe a guiding hand can help.

At Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts we believe in giving you the pleasure of wrapping your purchased product your way.

There are certain circumstances we can help you out, just ask us.

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