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Enjoy Your Easter With Your Very Own Thumper

Posted by Jenny Day on 23rd Feb 2017

With Easter fast approaching it's time to start getting ready.

Just like other holidays Easter comes with the traditional holiday planning. The meals, friends, trips, relatives and of course those wonderful SURPRISES!

And it's those Surprises that cause so much discussion at this time of year.

Being grandparents to six (6) we are now even more conscious of what kids are eating these days. After all we have two that are Lactose Intolerant and one that is allergic to nuts so the list will probably go on.


Those surprises need not be the usual chocolate or confectionery that is consumed in two minutes flat then forgotten about till next year, why not give them something wonderful, cute, and in keeping with the season and something lasting that your child can keep and remember the day always.

Just like "Thumper" pictured above with one of our new designs and there are more on our website too.

Now don't think that is all the Easter Gifts we have, there is many more. Plus if you can't find what you're looking for all you have to do is ask us and then we can make your online shopping experience for Easter so much easier.

These stunning Bunnies are designed by an Australian lady, and will have the Personalisation done by us right here in Australia.

Here at  Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts we have a whole section dedicated to Easter and I will pass on the link for you all.

We also do heat pressed items too for the slightly older children up to adults with beautiful designs, these include mugs, plaques, plates and vinyl work on some items.

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Keep Smiling

Jenny x