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Do You Need To Change Things Up?

Posted by Jenny Day on 15th Sep 2017

Sun shinning, sun rays warming my bedroom then the smell of coffee drifts across my face as I wake up. 

Hubbie has delivered a hot cuppa coffee.It's a bright spring morning with the hint of summer in the air and as I pick up my daily planner my I have a wonderous morning greeting from my gorgeous white Japanese Spitz. 

What a way to greet the day!

I instantly put down my planner and totally relax with my dog and cuppa.

Now that would top off my busy week, sitting back relaxing and taking it easy.

If only dreams could last forever or even come true, but hey most can.

With a bit of hard work and perseverance most dreams can too can have a positive outcome.

It might not be the exact idea you had thought of in the beginning but with slight changes to your plan or idea and your determination, your dream will come to fruition.

There are times when we need to tweak our "dreams" ,"plans" for things to work out.
So why not?

We can't do all this alone, as we all know "it does take a family to raise a child" and make your business, plan, or dream your child.

Having a group of friends that share your "dream" will also aid you along the way.

More like a support group to talk things through.

Much like how our Teddy Bears at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts can give your child his/her support they might need.

Like something to cuddle at night, or simply something to drag around the house through the day.

Everyone of us has dream now and then when we sleep at night but I am pretty sure that most are hard too remember in detail.

But the dreams that are held in our hearts, at whatever age, are the most important.

Whether it's wanting to climb the highest mountain, go travelling round the world to see the exotic countries or those dreams we have that are a bit closer to home. Even those little digs of what you would like for Christmas are mostly coming from dreams, whether from the heart or from the mind.

The kids dreams are best, like not wanting dad to work so hard, or hoping that their sibling grows up just like them.

When we sit down and talk to our kids (one on one) we find out the most amazing things from. Their real deepest likes and dislikes about other people, things places and simply what is being said around the school playground.

I have found just having a chat with my grandkids is refreshing as well as heart warming when they tell you their deepest secrets. (Stuff they wouldn't tell mum and dad)

But it is when any child opens up and lets you know what is inside their hearts that is amazing. It is an untapped world and is beautiful.

As we grow up our dreams are slowly dismissed as just one of those things, but when we reach adulthood our minds are confused because we are told again to "believe" in our selves and our "dreams".

So we begin the process of "belief" all over again.

If only we had kept believing all along.

Here is a podcast for you to listen to, bubbly energetic little girl, doing her own thing, Eva Karpman

Also a great page for fun for the kids!

Just click the link below and it will take you straight to the page, it is an amazing read.

Jessica Cox, The World’s 1st Certified Pilot With No Arms, On “Thinking Outside The Shoe”

Whatever your dream is don't let anybody put you down for having a dream.

Take it, own it, and believe in it and see how far it will take you.

If you need to tweak it then do so, but don't loose sight of your dream.

Own it, it'ts yours

Jenny Day
Keep Smiling 

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