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Discover A Way For You To Reduce Costs Today

Posted by Jenny Day on 2nd Feb 2017

Discover A Way To Reduce Costs Today

For those out there who wish you had a money tree or just want to save even a small bit we might be able to give you a helping hand.

How Do I Save?

We have on our website Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts  a Reward Program that allows you to collect 50 token points on joining and with every $1.00 spent you will receive another 10 points.

What If I Already Have An Account

Customers with store accounts will be automatically enrolled with the Reward Scheme, so that makes it so much easier for you guys. But in case you don't have an account with us you can create an account and join today click here -

Can I Keep Tabs

Yes you can!

To simply check your balance or Redeem Your Rewards, Log In to your store account and go to the Redeem Rewards Page, located at the bottom of the store

How Are They Issued

Rewards are issued as store credits that can be applied on the payment page during checkout (only one coupon code per order). No need for you to worry about storing them because we do that here.

How Long Do They Last 

Sorry to say but from January 1/1/?? - December 31/12/??

Only for one year at a time.

Discover A Way To Reduce Costs Today

If you happen to be looking for a special gift that goes on and on then we have on our Specials Page, Embroider Buddies for $39.70. An ideal gift at an affordable price. Here's the link

We have a couple of finished ones to show you, one with a message and one with a birth design

Personalised Teddy Bears & GiftsPersonalised Teddy Bears & Gifts

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Keep Smiling Jenny x

Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts