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Be Nice To Yourself At This Time Of Year You Deserve It

Posted by Jenny Day on 30th Dec 2016

Well another Christmas has come and gone and the place looks like a tornado has hit, but every one is happy and content. Kids playing with their new toys, mum's and dad's enjoying the holiday sun.

Now it's time for us, yeah!

But we can't help ourselves think of how we might be going to fit all those Christmas pleasures into the cupboards and rooms.

Something has to be done, right!

I don't have the all in one cure but I have found a few things that might help, after all being a grandmother has it's advantages.

Now for number 1

Who has that drawer, yes you know that drawer that holds everything? Well why not grab some baskets and tidy it up by putting those things away and making it pretty. In My Own Style

2/ If you have those remotes that go aloof then put them all in a basket and in one place BHG

3/ Placing shelf dividers in your closet will also help stop those mixed towels and sheets, just like this  from Simplicity in the South

4/ Have you ever thought f using stuff from around the the house to help you with your storage and filing in the office. This idea is coming from Cosy Little House and it's amazing.

5/ The dreaded nighttime feet stabbers - LEGGO

Who has these things -lol.

I really like this idea, Leggo Playmat from Babble

These ideas might be just enough to get you started and hopefully on your way to de-cluttering before the New Year.

We deserve a break.

it is now time to to GET YOUR HAPPY ON and give yourself permission to be be happy..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, happiness comes from the inside. Sometimes happiness comes easy for some people  and sometimes not so much for others.

It’s easy to feel happy when life goes your way but what about when things aren’t they way you want them to be. Are you waiting for life to be good so that you can be happy? Just stop that right now! Stop waiting for happiness and make a choice to be happy today.

Happiness is a daily practice. Sometimes happiness is even a little work, but like most things the more we do them, the easier they become.

I became happier in life by choosing happiness each day, and every time I made that choice I found happiness came easier to me- I felt happier without even thinking about it!

What does it mean to choose happiness, really?

It starts with letting happiness in. Are you open to the small moments of joy around you? Do you make a mental note of the many beautiful, inspiring, and amazing things you encounter every day?  I encourage you to open your senses to the good things in your world. What do you see, touch, smell, hear? What do you feel? Make note of all the little things that you enjoy. You start by choosing to be happy. 

My granddaughter never greets me without one of her beautiful, delightful smiles.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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Keep Smiling Jenny xx