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Baby Showers Are A Time For Personalising

Posted by Jennifer Day on 16th Oct 2018

A tiny baby in a basket sleeping on a lambswool blanket

So your good friend, daughter, sister or family member is having a baby… That is always lovely news to hear!

What an exciting time it is going to be!

Waiting to count those little fingers and toes, touch that soft new skin and know that you have created this wonderful new life from love.

That sweet, gentle soul that is now growing inside you. What an ecstatic feeling.

You start thinking of little cute baby clothes but before long and  after the initial excitement sort of dies down, hopefully along with any morning sickness and yuckiness, talk will soon and often will turn to a baby shower.

These gatherings are becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way for a mum to be to make sure she catches up with all her close friends and family before life for her changes completely.

However, as a valued friend and guest you are of course expected to bring along a present. We are all happy to spend some money on our lovely friend and share her exciting day but that doesn’t help solve the problem of what to buy??

You are essentially buying a gift for someone you don’t even know, have never met and let's face it isn’t even in the world yet!! I mean no pressure right?!

But that's the fun of it all, the excitement and joy!

So you can go one of two ways… The practical or the sentimental.

Now I’m a practical kind of person but when it comes to gifts I rarely want someone to buy me what I would easily buy for myself.

The ideal gift is something they would never justify purchasing themselves and sentimental enough to want to keep forever.

Hence why not a personalised gift is an ideal… You get to avoid the awkwardness of anyone else turning up with the same thing and they get a treasured gift they know you put some extra thought into.

A normal teddy bear has a slight chance of being the baby's favourite but a much bigger chance of being cleared out as time moves on and the stack of unused bears grows.

personalised message bear like the Full Range of Teddy Bears at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts gives them a message and a memory. A beautiful keepsake for the baby and you, every time they see the bear they are reminded of the close friend that gave it to them with love and quite likely you will be reminded of what  fun you had at your baby's shower, the day you had together.

Friendships come in all different packages and a personalised message can reflect that… I have a friend who fondly referred to her unborn girl as Gingernut… We would often joke about the poor little one not being able to be in the sun because she’s inherited her mum’s pale skin and ginger hair.

So when I chose her gift a tongue in cheek message was an obvious one for our humorous friendship. “Welcome to the world Gingernut”

To me a gift is far more valuable for the memories it creates then how much money was spent on it and bringing back all our pre-baby conversations was really nice.

So next time you get that exciting invitation in the post you don’t need to panic over gift ideas… Just take a browse through our site and add that personal touch to your valued gift.

When the Baby Shower is complete the realisation is set. "where am I going to put all these gorgeous things?"

Guess what dad? It is decoration time!

Books come out, paint cards are brought home then the fun begins.

How are you going to make this small room a sweet little palace for that little creation you have made.?


With ideas some ideas from the pictures below you should be on your way to success.

These examples should give you some inspiration to help you with your decisions.

It is not hard to put together something beautiful that you both like but with family and friends to help you decide things should be made much more easier.

What does make it hard is that there are so many choices out there, different colours and wallpapers, furniture, who can make up their mind, it is so confusing.

Then comes the bedding, will I go natural, should it be this, should it be that, then comes the decor. So what are we to choose?

When it all comes down to it, you guys have the last word, you guys have the final say on what is needed and not needed. This is all for your child.

We Congratulate you on your expected arrival and wish you many fun times ahead putting together all what is needed for your expected loved one or more

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Keep Smiling

Jenny Day

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