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Are You Ready?

Posted by Jenny Day on 10th Aug 2016

Are You Organised?

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again.

The weather isn’t warm, the mornings are icy and chilly and we sit in front of heaters at night or even go to bed early just to keep warm. So why not spend some of that time planning and organising one of the most wonderful days of the year. Christmas Day!

If you think of it this way, the more you are planned and organised for Christmas the more you will enjoy the day with your family and friends.

So everyone thinks it’s a great idea to have their Christmas lunch/dinner menu written out so there’s no last minute rush on the day and we all have organised our Christmas gift list for Santa so no child or relative/friend misses out on getting a gift.

All a bit too much at the moment, what’s that? You’re going to wait till December?

Well there are some people that do start their Christmas shopping early but there are many of you that resist the urge for one reason or another.


I have listed a few reasons why being organised with your Christmas Shopping does make sense…...

Be in Control

When you shop at that spiritual time of year, you can get swept up in all the emotions of the seasons. That’s when we tend to over-indulge, over-spend and simply just stretch the credit cards to over maximum. End result debt, holiday chaos and stress.

With your advanced planning you become in control and that’s when you are in the driver ‘seat with the budget, holiday plans and your time. You are more likely to enjoy yourself.

Best of all you can now enjoy the season totally.

Embrace A Handmade Holiday

Will you be creating your own Christmas Gifts and crafts this year or buying Handmade? Planning ahead is essential to success; nobody wants to spend December nights rushed and hurried at the crafts table.

Buying Handmade Christmas Gifts makes gift giving extra special and it makes your gift extra special too. We here at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts can help make your gifts just the way you want them.

Separate The Chores from Celebration

By tending to all the other things on your list you have plenty of time left for the one thing we don’t want to talk about. House Chores!

By tending to Christmas chores on the early side, you're free to jump into an organized Christmas with a happy, unencumbered heart.

A long lead-in to the holiday season breaks down the work into small, easy-to-achieve steps. Doing a few chores each week, you'll be ready to celebrate the season more fully, more joyously--and without the stress that comes from too much to do, too little time to do it.

You'll do less, enjoy it more ... with an organized Christmas!

Handmade is the new hot holiday gift

Here is a link to some quick printable gift tags from Hip and Hooray

Keep Smiling Jenny x