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Are You Ready To Leave Behind The Holidays Yet?

Posted by Jennifer Day on 24th Jan 2019

 People laying on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine before it ends

Time goes so quickly when your having fun but as they say good times like this just can't last forever, unless of course a winning lottery ticket is handy. Looks kind of inviting though doesn't it?

I'm sure you have been enjoying every moment not having to schedule your day by the clock and doing what you freely want too. But things do come to an end, and now your little ones have to prepare for the year ahead or at least until Easter when the next lot of holidays come.

But with all those good times we just don't want a stack of photos in the cupboard, why not take a treasured memory that depicts the whole vacation and have it heat pressed (sublimated) onto a Slate Tile, or put on a Glass Frame or metal photo frame

With all the things to think about the main troubling thought for any parent would have to be the FEES. After the Christmas and New Year spending and making sure our kids are happy there wouldn't be much left for fees.

Then comes uniforms and so on, the list goes on. Or should I say it's never ending once school starts.

My daughters are going through this at the moment with their daughters and son. Yes I did say Son.He is a pretty particular dresser when it comes to his school wear.

And the latest fad that I have heard of is the lunch box, drink bottle, backpack and pencil case have to have the same theme. I have trouble with my Instagram account. I would like to know where that fad come from. Arrrrgh!!!!

Don't forget about the wonderful morning we all have to put on our best smiles and grab our best manners as we walk out the door, cause we just know that we are going to have to meet and greet the new teachers that our children are going to have for the year. All fun mum. Gives you a tingle just to think about it, doesn't it!

Then the lists start coming home when school starts back, with books, pens, erasers, rulers all that kind of thing.

Wow what a rush of adrenaline for mums and dads. Good Luck to all the parents out there from Personalised teddy Bears & Gifts.

 To make going back to school that little bit easier for all we backpacks, pencil cases, pencil holders and clip board folders ( picture below) which we make as personalised as you want.

Clip board ready to be sublimated with it's white front panelClip board ready to be sublimated with it's white front panel and silver page clip

These clip boards are not on the website yet so if interested please ask us. We are happy to help.

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"Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE"

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"Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE"

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Jenny Day