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All Year Round Fun

Posted by Jenny Day on 2nd Mar 2017

Want to picnic with a Friend and have some Fun?

Then these pals are for you!

Big enough to drag and play, cuddle and squish and be your Friend Forever.

They can join in on your child's games and fun but most of all will carry your child's deepest thoughts and secrets and be there for you through the good times and the bad. 

But will never ever lose that adorable smile that greets you in the morning and is there when your child shuts their eyes at night.

Whimsy and Violette Unicorns being that dreamy and affectionate, are always up for special surprises and cuddles and your child loves the idea of having their own Unicorn to dream with. 

Here at Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts we also carry Kerry the Kangaroo with her Joey and Kory the Koala, Hip Hop Froggy there is nothing more Australian than an Aussie animal.

The African range of Embroider Buddies, Zachary Zebra, Tory Tiger,Rory Lion, Monty Monkey, Gerry Giraffe, Elford Elephant might be an original but just as adorable plus hard to beat.

The Special Edition Collection

The Clara collection is stunning, with it's slightly larger Embroider Buddie size and the fur is so natural feeling.

At the moment we stock Benjamin Buddy Bear, Bella Buddy Bunny, Dalton Buddy Dog, Oberon Buddy Owl.

Not part of the range are Billy Black Bear Buddy, Duncan Donkey Buddie, Dino Dinosaur,

 Buddy Bunny and Lambton Lamb  plus more, just click here to see

With such a wide diversity of Embroider Buddies, hopefully to see the newer range coming to Australia, these guys are the fun thing to have all year round.

Embroider Buddies have more than just the above items we also carry pillow cases and stockings for Christmas. Just a bit of a heads up for you all.

Keep Smiling

Jenny xx

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