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A Miracle Of Life Has Now Arrived

Posted by Jenny Day on 31st Aug 2017

With a newborn in the house and hearing those tiny little squeaks and movements you know your life is about to change, all for the good.

Now you have her home you have every chance to count those tiny toes and fingers and make her every moment oh so sweet and comfortable. No longer do you have to wait to do all the things you wanted to do and be on a hospital schedule.

That sweet, gentle soul that was growing inside you is now in your own gentle hands. What an ecstatic feeling.

After months of looking at the clothes that she will wear, the onesies, blankets, singlets, towels and bootees.and setting them out in her smaller than average size wardrobe, you now have a feeling of completeness.

By now your decoration has probably been done but just in case you need a few tips I have put a few pics below that might help.


With ideas some ideas from the pictures below you should be on your way to success.

It is not hard to put together something beautiful that you both like but with family and friends to help you decide things should be made much more easier.

What does make it hard is that there are so many choices out there, different colours and wallpapers, furniture, who can make up their mind, it is so confusing.

Then comes the bedding, will I go natural, should it be this, should it be that, then comes the decor. So what are we to choose?

When it all comes down to it, you guys have the last word, you guys have the final say on what is needed and not needed. This is all for your child.

All I can do is show you a few ideas and let you take it from there.



We congratulate you on your expected arrival and wish you many fun times ahead putting together all what is needed for your expected loved one or more.

Congratulations To Emma and Shay

For the mum's and dad's of newborns a big "congratulations" to you guys too.

Keep Smiling Jenny x

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