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A gift To Suit Any Personality

Posted by Jenny Day on 19th Jan 2018

Here at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts and Cheese and Pickles , The Personalised Gift Store now have 

something that will meet the needs of many kids in Australia as I am quite sure being full of 

energy it would suit them down to the ground.

With the combination of wonderful designers like ours here at Personalised Teddy Bears and Gifts and energetic kids

pretty much like yours, these amazing animals would fit nicely and be right at home.

Hey, that's my thought's anyway.

Having energetic kids is wonderful and having a toy that suits there personality is fantastic. Something they can 

relate too is absolutely "out of this world" and now we are able to bring it to you.

Friendly monsters exist in children's books and movies, such as in Monsters Inc. Other friendly children's monsters 

could include Elmo, Shrek, Chewbacca, and those found on Sesame Street.

But now there is "Spike" and "Marmalade" to add to the list, Cubbie Monsters, and boy it won't be long before others arrive I'm sure.

With their bright colors, weird looks and spaced out hair, along with those crossed eyes and lovable smiles, who

 could not want Spike or Marmalade to join the fun.

And now  Easter is just around the door,  these would make the most unusual Easter Gift ever, a gift of love and no 

sugar. Now that sounds fab!


We have many more Teddies of all varieties, suitable for all ages and characters like bears the normal size and 

large,lambs cute and sweet, unicorns dreamy yet cuddly, dogs of all mixed breeds and many more on our website so 

why not check them out and suit them up to your child.

Oh yes, there are the Rag Dolls available on both websites.

Keep Smiling Jenny xx

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