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6 Tools To Use To Be More Organised

Posted by Jenny Day on 31st Mar 2017

Been rushing from one job to the next, then the phone rings, someone knocks at the door or a customer comes in and you just drop everything and serve them.

Wouldn't it be an amazing feeling to at least some bit of organisation in your day?

Where you could get out of bed and start the day with a positive outlook, then one or more of these tips are sure to help you on your way to success.

1) Why not have that extra helping hand? Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep just to name a few but there are different way's you could do the same thing. I myself have an iPhone with a recorder and use that quite well. It is just a matter of using what works best for you.

2) Not many of us have thought of using the calendar on our Smartphone for event reminders but...why not? These Alert Notifications would be a fantastic bonus to us all.

3) Now Spreadsheets, we all know these can be used for various things so why not quickly draw some up and have one for your work Finances ($$$), Projects (orders coming in-orders going out). I think you get the idea.

4) Now this is one step I believe to be a must. back up all your files and photos and whatever else you have on your computer as there will be one day you are going to  thank yourself you did. My computer failed and I had no backup so I had to redo most of my photos but lost my files. Lessen learned.

5) With this suggestion I recommend you find a secure site (not online) and keep a record of all your passwords. If you decide to keep them on line links are below

6) Store all Important Documents and Images Safely with  Online Storage Apps like Amazon Cloud Drive,BitTorrent Sync, Box, or maybe try Dropbox.

Here are some links you might want to have a peek at to help make your business more organised....

This might help with taking notes

Try this one for spreadsheets

You might like a peek at this one

Which One For You?

Keep Smiling Jenny x

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