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5 Money Saving Tips and t A Sweet Deal For You

Posted by Jenny Day on 6th Aug 2019

For those out there who wish you had a money tree or just want to save even a small bit we might be able to give you a helping hand.

Here are 5 money saving tips to help around the house, it a lot easier than you think.

1/ Turn off taps after use - make sure they aren't dripping and if they are they just might need fixing

2/ Make sure lights are off when there is nobody in the room - lights being left on is easily done

3/ When it's sunny and the sun is coming through the window open the blinds - let in some warmth

4/ Open a window or two for ventilation and fresh air - virus's thrive on heat filled rooms

5/ Turn all appliances off at the wall when finish with them.

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It's not much but every little bit helps. Something a wise woman once taught me.

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Thank you kindly.

Jenny & Kevin Day.

Personalised Teddy Bears & Gifts.

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