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5 Free Easy Creative Apps to Help You be Creative

Posted by Jenny Day on 17th May 2017

Ever feel stuck looking for that just right way of doing something to a photo or picture?

Trying to figure out a massive collage of photos and they just look bland?

Well I think I might be able to start you off on the right foot with at least 5 FREE apps that I have come across that have been helpful to me at times.

I must admit I am a bit of a colour junkie. things in my office must be colour coded ( I have a colour coded system) where others have a number system) but hey, it works for me.

oh yes, anything pink, it's mine!!

That goes for my cute little torch, matching pen, self made cardholder and diary at the moment.

But there is nothing more frustrating than to look at a whole lot of pictures sitting in front of you and think, I know what I want to do with these but how can I get started on doing it or where do I go?

Well hopefully I might be able to help you out.

You don't have to be a graphic artist, or an expert in technology, even though we all know that helps, just someone that knows what they want. Beautiful pictures. 

Yes we could all be like the guy in the picture above with a heap of confidence and knowledge but to get that knowledge we have to start somewhere and that would be at the beginning.

So let's see if I can help with the more important stuff, the FREE things and you.

* Canva - this is a fantastic tool to use from your computer and you can do almost any design you desire. There are numerous features to use just try it and see. Plus, it is one of those apps that takes not long to learn. 

Now that Canva 2.0 is out having a few more extra abilities is fantastic.

* Snapseed - for mobile - Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google. 

I have found Snapseed quite handy, but others haven't, it's all up to the individual user. Most of the time Snapseed would be used in conjunction with Pixlr.

* Pixlr - Unlock your creativity with Pixlr free photo editor! Capture any moment and make it beautiful with over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters. This app I can tell you is very handy because that is exactly what it is, handy. At my fingertips.

* Pic Monkey - now this one I can tell you is terrific. I adore it. The app can be used on your computer as well as your phone so it becomes mobile, and the things that it can do I simply can not give it enough praise. Fantastic job!

With this Pic Monkey you are learning all the time.

* Aviary - now I am yet to actually use this one but when you do please let me know how it turns out and I will do the same. Looks inviting.

Quick Tip: If you are ever looking for something really quick to do a specific job at hand , lt's say do an overlay to your picture and you haven't got your desktop, then search on the App iphone, or google it on your phone.

Well I hope that these few things will help get you and your projects up and running and turn them into marvelous creations. These apps can help with many creative projects not just for business so do have a play with them and most importantly have fun with them.

I am not an affiliate with any of the apps at all, so I am not promoting them in any way just giving you my own opinion. If you would like to know more about these apps then the links are below for you

Keep Smiling Jenny x

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