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10 Ways To Get Your Child Outside To Play

Posted by Jenny Day on 9th Jan 2017

It's Christmas holidays again and yes we are hearing the timeless sentences of "what can I do, mum?" or I'm bored" well let's see if these ideas might help.

1/ If you can get some sidewalk chalk then let your little artist decorate your driveway or path to his/her hearts content, then when they are finished all you have to do is was it off

2/ Kids want to go camping? Thought of letting them camp in the backyard. You can keep your eye on them and they get to have fun with their friends. Great times!

3/ Take your kids to meet up with their mates at a park, they can have fun playing soccer or cricket and you get to relax. And there's nothing better than a meet and greet for all of you, mum's and dad's included.

4/ What about the beach, surely the kids want to try out the sand and surf.

5/ If they are into wildlife why not go on a Wildlife Watching Expedition with your child in the National Park or backyard. All they need is binoculars. Great for eye co-ordination.

6/ Did you ever as a child ever climb a tree?  I used to love climbing my grandparents Mulberry tree, yum. Then why not let your son or daughter have that same experience if you can. Some can't and that's ok too.

7/ Have you thought about just the simple pleasures like skimming stones, making daisy chains or making wishes when you blow fluffy grass daisies?

8/ Go on a Safari Photo Shoot. That's right, let your child learn about the world around him/her through the lens of camera. Amazing experience they will never forget. It doesn't have to be a massive camera.

9/ They could get a magnifying glass and have a close look at what is on a blade of grass. Interesting. (just be careful)

10/ Last but not least, have you been asked "mum have you got any spare sheets?" Well how about a fort built by your own kids in your backyard. It would take them hours. Fun to play in and great for you to watch them.

If you have enjoyed any part of this blog then please share it around your friends and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

Keep Smiling Jenny

look at how big we have grown....