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How Do You Like It, One Lump or Two

Posted by Jenny Day on

How Do You Like It, One Lump Or Two

With steam in the air and whistles from the kettle the kitchen fills with joy with the thought of what is to come.

Cups at the ready, sugar already scooped in with the coffee, tea or chocolate and milk poured in if required and just waiting for that divine hot, last addition. 

Whistle blows, jug boils and turns off and the pouring starts. You can smell it !

Everyone loves a cuppa, whether it's coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Whether it's a cappuccino, flat black, or white, green tea, black tea or white tea or that frothy bubbly hot marshmallow topped cup of chocolate. We all have our preference to various size mugs and cups with desirable drinks don't we?

Sharing a cuppa with friends has to be the most Australian thing out there. Oh, and don't forget the biscuits. Things wouldn't be complete if there wasn't the traditional "scotch finger biscuit" to break in half with friends, or the more tempting "Tim Tams" with their delectable chocolate. Finger licklin' good.

So why not have that traditionalism from a mug that looks stunning and unique?  Whether you drink from a Latte Mug, Gold colored mug, a large manly mug or a normal coffee mug just make that mug stand up and say "I'm Her's"

You can even come up with a design that we will be able put on your choice of mug so that you can say , "hey, this is what I did".

Dad Thank You Mug - You're Amazing


These are just samples of what can be done!

To add that extra touch, your design could be placed on a heat change mug. Where the mug starts off black, nobody sees the design until you add the hot water and voila! the mug changes and your design is exposed to your guests..
Why not ladies?

We can place a design on your special chosen mug or you can choose one of our designs made to your requirements.

Our mugs are not mass produced. Each design is constructed from instructions from you our customers. This makes every mug different, and every mug unique. Cheap mass-produced mugs offer little. A fully personalised mugs shows the recipient that you went to the time and trouble to make sure they receive a gift that is special AND useful.

Now Father's Day isn't far away, so why not add that complete feeling?

To make your gift for Fathers Day look complete why not add in a matching coaster for that special mug you have lovingly designed. A total package!You will find this set here at this following link

It's all up to you and what you desire at that specific moment, but giving part of yourself to a cherished one is one one of the most precious things we can give.

Keep Smiling

Jenny xx

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