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Ways I Cope With My Work Stress

Posted by Jenny Day on

After sitting at the desk doing all that needs to be done or sewing orders all day some of us get an that urge.

An overwhelming urge that has be dealt with, or there is no peace in the household.

That "urge" is going to help better my entire life, just knowing it was done and I can relax in calming peace.

Now I know most of you wouldn't call cleaning very therapeutic but for my perspective it is.

To have things clean, tidy and neat plus a place for everything and everything in it's place , to me is a wonderful feeling.

But I am not only doing this for myself I am doing this for my husband and the house.

Just knowing that I am making room for a more positive vibe around the house is in some way making our life happier.

But not only am I cleaning I am decluttering too. So when things get started as I'm sure you know, one thing leads to another and bang! The deep cleaning has begun.

It is also a way of relaxing the mind and body at one time. Just my way of stepping out of my work phase and into the reality of life. I not only get that well deserved break but a clean house too. Marvelous!

While doing this process it not only gives me a break but time to gather up more of my creative thoughts and ideas for the business. My husband loves when I do that!

And the more ideas you can muster, the better chances you have of improving your business or maybe some other project you have going. Right!

I know some of you must have that most beautiful home where everything has it's place, but I am slowly getting there and hopefully it will be soon. 

I have some more decluttering to do yet but hopefully I will have a more free, happy and organised house very soon.

My next big challenge is my linen cupboard, I need to go from mess to pressed!

Now this one is going to be a challenge. We all know how messy they can get, so fingers crossed guys.

 There are many things that can be decluttered, our computers,house,clothes etc. we just have to start and the ideas will roll.

Well this is just my way of relaxing while having a break, I am sure you guys have you're own way to do things but I hope this gives you some ideas that you can use around the house.

Opening up your home and making it a more free place to allow happiness in is totally in your hands. Just get rid of the clutter then you will see more clearly.

Just thought I would add the info-graphic as either a guide or a laugh, take your pick guys.

What I have found is this little few tips which might help some get started at least, wish I had it before i started. But I have it now so it's ok

If you have enjoyed this post then share it with your friends too, they might like to see things more clearly too.

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Keep Smiling Jenny x

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